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AR & VR in Manufacturing – New Insights

Industry experts shed light on how they're using VR & AR to transform their workflows

Latest Stats of VR/AR Enterprise Adoption - SuperData

VRI and SuperData explore which industries and enterprise companies are maximising use of VR/AR

What's happening for VR & AR in Europe?

Stats from SuperData + insights from Epic, KLM & nDreams

What's Next for VR in Film?

Free white paper report on the opportunities and challenges for VR in the move industry

VR Visionaries #9: Ted Schilowitz, Futurist in Residence, Paramount Pictures

Ted is a Futurist in Residence at Paramount Pictures. He has spent much of his career within development laboratories; exploring and testing new technologies. Recent projects, while...

VR Visionaries #8: Brett Leonard, Film Director, The Lawnmower Man

Brett is the visionary film director behind ’90s classics The Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity – both of which envisioned advanced VR technology. He currently serves as the Chief Creative...

VR Visionaries #7: Maureen Fan, CEO, Baobab Studios

Maureen is the co-founder and CEO of Baobab Studios, a VR animation company that creates story and character driven cinematic experiences. Their recent projects, Invasion and Rainbow...

Learnings from the VRX Europe conference

The VRX event on May 11-12 2017 in London brought together hundreds of the top executives in the VR space across gaming, entertainment, industry and brand marketing to demonstrate the...

VR Visionaries #6: Frank Soqui, GM, Virtual Reality and Gaming Group at Intel

Fresh from Intel’s awe-inspiring keynote slot at VRX Europe, Frank Soqui, General Manager of the Virtual Reality and Gaming Group at Intel, talks to VR Intelligence about the company’s...

VR Visionaries #5: Matthew Vitti, VR Architect, TCA Architects

Matthew Vitti, AIA, LEED AP is a VR Architect, for TCA Architects in California. He is using this new technology to augment the practice of architecture to help optimize work flow and...


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