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VR Visionaries #5: Matthew Vitti, VR Architect, TCA Architects

Matthew Vitti, AIA, LEED AP is a VR Architect, for TCA Architects in California. He is using this new technology to augment the practice of architecture to help optimize work flow and...

VR Visionaries #4: Robert Nashak, COO, Survios

Robert Nashak is the COO at Survios, Inc., a game and technology developer born out of the University of Southern California’s Games program. Their latest game, Raw Data, is available...

VR Visionaries #3: David Votypka, Senior Creative Director, Ubisoft / Red Storm

David Votypka is the Sr. Creative Director at Red Storm, a major studio within Ubisoft. They will release two major VR games – Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

VR Visionaries #2: Tim Sweeney, CEO, Epic Games / Unreal Engine

Tim Sweeney is the co-founder of Epic Games, the visionary company behind the Unreal Engine, plus iPhone killer app Infinity Blade. Epic have been making waves recently with VR tech...

VR Visionaries #1: Tommy Palm, CEO, Resolution Games

Tommy Palm is the CEO of Resolution Games, a company he set up after many successful years at King, to create virtual reality focused games. Their title Bait! passed half a million...

6 VR uses in Healthcare that will blow your mind

Training surgeons, developing new life-saving techniques and more…

Disney pulls VR experiences into a single app

Is the entertainment heavyweight making VR more accessible?

5 of the biggest VR developments over the past month

These five stories continue to drive Virtual Reality forward. Take a look!

Virtual Reality Industry Leaders Head to London for European Summit

Senior Figures from HTC Vive, Sony, Samsung, Oculus, Google, CCP, Jaunt, NVIDIA, Crytek, Epic and more to attend Europe’s paramount VR industry event

VR for branding and product showcasing

New free report explores the marketing potential of Virtual Reality


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