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HTC Vive | Review round-up

The consumer-facing True VR headset with the largest asking price – but is it any good?

What is Social VR?

Everything you need to know – welcome to Social VR 101.

Oculus Rift | Review round-up

The headset that kicked off the latest drive for VR is here – but what do people make of it?

5 of the best VR uses we found this month

From cinema to knowing your way around Coachella – check out these exciting uses for Virtual Reality

11 of the biggest VR stories from GDC 2016

The Virtual Reality news you need to know from the Game Developers’ Conference

Vive and kicking – HTC prices their high fidelity VR offering

HTC Vive VR will command hefty price at £689 in the UK and $799 in the US.

Video: Design Considerations for Mixed Reality - Graeme Devine, Magic Leap

Graeme Devine and Gordon Bellamy Fireside Chat, VRX USA conference, November 2015

Video: Building virtual reality experiences to maximize brand awareness and prestige

This session took place at the VRX USA conference and expo in San Francisco on November 9-10 2015.

Beyond gaming: VR for the rest of the world

Beyond gaming: VR for the rest of the world [Shauna Heller, Founder, Clay Park VR]


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